Primal Health

“There’s something about doing things the way our ancestors used to do them that kind of puts your heart back into the rhythm of this thing called life.”  -Joanna Gaines, HGTV star of Fixer Upper

Welcome to my blog; I’m so glad you’re here!  Joanna Gaines seems to have written my credo statement for me (thanks, JoJo!):  I want to get back to basics…by going WAY back…and doing things the way  we were meant/designed to, before all the “innovations”, technology, and shortcuts affected our health and lifestyles.

I recently discovered the primal health movement.  It’s also called “ancestral health”: a lifestyle built on the concept of doing things the way our ancestors did.  It has a lot of super appealing concepts, like sleeping more in the wintertime and connecting with people in person instead of just through social media (I don’t have to figure out Snapchat!)

It sounds kinda extreme, right?   Or at least….counter-cultural?  “How is she writing this blog from her tiny shack off the grid?” you ask yourself.  Oh, you, with the hard questions and exposure of hypocrisy!  Well, first, I hate camping.  Second, I’m a gal of moderation, and I think most other people are too.  I’m going to make small changes and adjustments, and I’m going to document them here.  It’s a *touch* of health, not a deluge!

What you’re going to find here is: ways to make meals more nutrient dense; workouts that are shorter, yet more effective;  lifestyle practices to increase joy and happiness; and varied sources of inspiration including the occasional interview or guest post.  What you WON’T find is: dogma, obsessive measuring (of calories, of workouts, of macros), condescension, or anything that feels as though it couldn’t possibly be achievable.

Make sure to subscribe to my blog if you want to automatically be notified of my future posts; later this week I’m going to talk about finding ways to add more veggies at breakfast….the struggle is real!






2 thoughts on “Primal Health

  1. Wonderfully written. Inspiring me to continue on this primal journey and change other aspects of my life (sleep all day, everyday!) 😉 Can’t wait to read more!


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