Setting Tangible Goals

Facebook has wasted many hours of my life, but every so often it toooootally redeems itself!  Approximately 31 days ago, I was scrolling through my feed and saw a post about a 30 day workout challenge.  I clicked on a few links and liked everything I saw:  it was free, it could be done at home, and it was only 15 minutes every day.

The stroke of genius in this challenge, as devised by “The Betty Rocker”, is that each workout link sent to your email expires in 24 hours.

When I started it was particularly hard because my body was sore, and I was unaccustomed to not being allowed rest days.  But I have to say that I learned that it’s amazing what our bodies will adapt to and I just kept getting stronger.  In the beginning, there was novelty and I was excited.

Towards the end, I struggled more with motivation, but two things really helped.  First, I could see results, and that kept me going.  Second, if it was, say, day 24, NO WAY was I going to quit after investing the 23 days prior!

Tonight I finished my final workout.  It was challenging but I could tell how much stronger I had become.  I was jumping high on my reverse burpees!  I felt super proud when it was finished.

We all need specific, measurable goals.  Saying “I want to be healthier” lacks clarity and focus, and how will you know when you made it?  Doing this 30 day challenge and running a 5k this past summer are two things I have done that kind of sucked in the doing but made me feel amazing afterwards and gave me a true sense of accomplishment.  There are many fitness challenges online and you can google “plank challenge” or “push-up challenge”, etc; you could also download the “from couch to 5k” app or print the program.  Find an accountability partner (hey it could be me!) and push yourself!  We don’t get a lot of gold stars as adults so I urge you to set yourself up to succeed at something and then remember how great it feels.

The challenge I just completed, if you’re interested, is:  Make Fat Cry Challenge



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