Crazy for Collagen

While 99% of my being is very happy to now reside in Colorado, my skin isn’t quite sure what to think.  Everyone’s piece of advice here is “drink lots of water!” and I have been trying to do that as I acclimate.  But I also decided now is an excellent time to experiment with collagen.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body and provides structural support for our connective tissues.  It gives strength to our bones, muscles, and skin.  Collagen has many health benefits and is particularly good for hair and nail growth as well as resilient and supple skin.  It is often considered a beauty supplement and is in fact called “nature’s botox”!   That said, collagen is also very helpful in reducing joint pain and inflammation.  Around the age of 25, our natural collagen production starts to decline.

If you are interested in trying collagen, here are two very popular brands:

Vital Proteins

Great Lakes

These are powders that are cold soluble, so you can add them to basically anything.  Fun story: I accidentally used the red label of Great Lakes which is used for cooking (like making gummies at home), added it to my tea, got distracted cooking, and went back to my tea and swallowed what was rapidly becoming tea gelatin.  Very disturbing!

The green label of Great Lakes or the Vital Proteins collagen peptides can be added to anything.  You may note they are sourced from beef but they don’t have a beefy taste, don’t worry!   Some people like to add 1-2 Tablespoons to their morning coffee or tea.  It can also be mixed in to cereals, oatmeal, or smoothies.  If you aren’t a big breakfast person, or even if you are, guess what?  2 Tablespoons of collagen offers 13 grams of protein!  Even if you just add it to your coffee and don’t eat anything else, you’ll probably stay full until lunch!

Personally, I’ve had a bit of a breakfast makeover.  After years of being very egg-dependent, I’m really excited about all the different yogurts I can purchase here in Colorado.  I’ve been trying sheep milk yogurt, goat milk yogurt, and dairy-free alternatives like cashew or coconut milk yogurt.  My husband and I are loving CoYo yogurt which is thick and tangy and only has 6 g of sugar in a serving.  I just mix 2 tablespoons of collagen in my yogurt and it works great!


I’ve probably been using collagen for a week so far.  It’s hard to say if I’m seeing any immediate results, but I do think my skin is less dry.  I look forward to using it longer to see (and feel) the results!  I will report back as more time has passed.  If you have joint pain, want faster muscle recovery, want better hair/skin/nails, or just want an easy way to add more protein to your diet…check out collagen!


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