Salvaging Spaghetti

I suppose I’m “lucky” that my husband doesn’t much care for pasta, as it curbed my consumption even before I paid attention to my diet for health reasons.  I used to eat spaghetti sandwiched between buttery slices of bread….carbs with a side of carbs!  Now I rarely have it, but I hate to write Italian cuisine off the home menu altogether.

People get fixated on the “eat” and “don’t eat” categories with the Paleo diet, and that’s a shame, because I think the letter instead of the spirit of the law is then followed.  The spirit of the Paleo diet is to always seek nutrient density.  My brain pretty much automatically functions this way now (which can be a drag, I admit)…it’s why I’m always seeking innovative ways to add veggies or greens to my meals and snacks.

To this end, when I went to Sprouts a few days ago, I carefully checked the pasta section for alternatives, and decided to try chickpea spaghetti!  A serving offers 11 grams of protein (from the chickpeas and also from pea protein) and 5 grams of fiber, both of which will help mitigate any quick insulin spike.  A serving contains 30 grams net carbs.

Today I made a yummy shrimp dish with my chickpea spaghetti and I can personally attest that the mouthfeel and flavor of the pasta were totally normal.  I don’t think someone would know they were eating chickpeas if they weren’t told!

I’ll buy this again in the future but be more mindful to load it up with veggies…in that case I think this could make a really great well-rounded meal.  This won’t be in regular rotation, but if you are craving pasta, I think it’s the better choice.  There are so many alternatives to wheat pasta now and they’ve come a long way!



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