A Home Yoga Practice

I don’t really know why, but a lot of my routines and habits are shifting now that I have moved to Colorado.  Perhaps I am just building upon what I had already started before.  Rationally, there is no reason I couldn’t have been doing all the things I’m doing now back in Missouri, but I guess sometimes you just need a fresh start and a blank slate!

For example, I meditate for 10 minutes almost every day now.  “Meditate daily” has been on my New Year resolution list for….three years?  Five years?   Suddenly – while the practice isn’t effortless itself – I am drawn to sit every day.  I look forward to it.  And I think it’s no coincidence that I am suffused with a sense of gratitude and calm.

I’m also committing more to a yoga practice.  I don’t think I have been a member of a yoga studio since 2004 (ironically, the year I probably made the least amount of money EVER) and I have practiced very sporadically since then.  Now, I crave it.  It helps keep my body stretched out and cared for as my work is physically demanding.  And, again, it’s doing great things for my mind and awareness.

As a newbie in town, I’m still shopping studios a bit, but I will be a member soon.  In the meantime, leading up to the yoga retreat I am attending in a few weeks, I am dedicating myself to a home practice and wanted to share the resource with everyone.

A home practice can be great because it makes it way more convenient to show up everyday.  You can practice in your pajamas and crazy bedhead (see: me) and make it fit with your schedule.  Also, it is very affordable as there are many free resources online (or inexpensive DVDs to own).

I am partial to Yoga with Adriene on youtube.  She is compassionate and has the right yoga attitude of “be where you are” skill-wise; she also encourages a lot of free-style movement which I think it great.  Adriene can be kind of goofy and doesn’t take it all too seriously (although she clearly knows her stuff).

Leading up to my retreat, I am doing her 30 day yoga camp:

Yoga Camp – youtube

Yoga Camp – Adriene’s Website

If you’re not already doing yoga, whether at a studio or at home, I highly encourage it.  Our culture is really drawn to high-intensity, achievement-oriented exercise, but we need to focus on developing or maintaining flexibility too.  As a massage therapist, I work on so many clients who clearly have reduced range of motion, and the adage “use it or lose it” is apt here.  I always say that yoga is like giving yourself a massage from the inside out….and who doesn’t want a massage?

I’m headed to my mat (ahem, really just my living room floor) right now!  Namaste!




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