My CSA experience so far (plus recipes)

I recently joined a CSA and in so doing (and telling) have realized that many aren’t aware of this resource.  CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, and it basically means that you are partnering with a local farm.  You pay for whatever share/package fits your lifestyle, you support the local farmers, and you get fresh produce (or more) in return.  It’s win-win!

I chose a single vegetable share, a single fruit share, and a dozen eggs, which I pick up at a local yoga studio on Thursdays.  I’m only 2 weeks in but I think this was the perfect amount of food for me and my husband.  It’s doing exactly what I hoped:  making me more creative in the kitchen, and produce is now the focal point of my meals.  I pretty much avoid anything in a box or package right now because I know I need to eat all those beautiful vegetables and fruits in my fridge!

The thing about a CSA is that you typically have to pay for a season upfront, so it seems like a lot of money.  I opted for a payment plan that split it into two payments…but it’s still a lot of money!  But if you look at what you spend on groceries, not to mention convenience items, it’s no more expensive – and it’s better quality.  I actually share this as a positive motivator for me; seeing what I’m spending makes me want to make sure that nothing goes to waste.  And knowing these local farmers toiled to produce this food also makes me take it more seriously.  I realize this is sorta irrational (someone worked on all the food in the grocery store too) but it’s how my brain works and I’m going with it.

If you want to look for a CSA (or farmers markets) in your area, check out this site:

Local Harvest

I get an email every week letting me know what I’m getting and suggesting a few recipes, which is great for planning.

Also, I love getting farm fresh eggs!


In my first week, I think I was pretty good about using up the produce, although I had some recipes that I liked better than others.  One of my easiest dinners was I roasted baby potatoes and topped arugula greens with rotisserie chicken and some clean Primal Kitchen ranch.  I felt very French 😉 and it was so comforting!  I also made a deconstructed cabbage roll dish in the crock pot which I think could use some tinkering but it was a great way to use the half head of cabbage I received.

I wanted to share a few successes.  I know we’ll all have more zucchini than we know what to do with soon (now?), but zucchini is SO versatile.  I love making a savory pancake with shredded zucchini.

Zucchini Pancakes

I also shredded some carrots and finally made this amazing Morning Glory Oats recipe by Joy the Baker that had been sitting in my inbox for ages.  It is SO good!

Morning Glory Oats




I am really excited to continue to share my CSA experience this summer!  I’ll be focusing on how I incorporate all the veggies and fruit I receive in interesting ways.  I’m picking up my next box in a few hours….it’s like Christmas every week to this foodie!


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