It’s Too Hot to Cook

After a week “off” from my CSA for my aforementioned magical yoga retreat, I was excited to resume having a kitchen stocked with fresh produce….especially as summer has finally arrived in Colorado and I find myself craving light, cool meals.

Last week there was a bunch of radishes in my share and I took to the Internet to figure out something creative/interesting to do with them.  I quickly learned that radish tea sandwiches are a thing and as a fan of all things High Tea, I decided to go this route.

Remember when I talked recently about the health benefits of consuming small fish high in omega 3s?  Well, guess what you get to slather on your radish sandwich?  Anchovy butter!  I know it sounds crazy….but it’s actually far more palatable than sardines in my opinion.  The butter offers a rich umami flavor and isn’t overtly fishy.  If you can find or order anchovy paste, as I did at Whole Foods, your life will be just a little bit easier.


I blended maybe half the tube of paste with a whole stick of softened (Kerrygold) butter in the food processor along with half a chopped shallot.


There!  Then I found this great pumpernickel bread, also at Whole Foods, which was sliced perfectly thin for my sandwiches.


I mean, look at that couple.  Who knew pumpernickel could bring people together like this?


Et voila!  I sprinkled my little tea sandwich with some coarse salt and was shocked by how good it was.  If you had told me I was going to crave radish sandwiches this summer I would have been dumbfounded….but it’s happening!  With some sliced up veggies, hummus, and fruit, it makes for a perfect meal when it’s too hot outside to consider using the oven.

Of course you can just use regular butter if the anchovy throws you off.  But I encourage you to try it because it’s so unexpectedly delightful and adds some dimension to this simple sandwich.

No matter what you incorporate, I encourage you to try making “grazing boards” for your dinners this summer.  You could incorporate olives, nuts, stuffed dates, prosciutto-wrapped melon…. have fun and be creative!  It feels elegant, won’t weigh you down, and will feed your eyes, tummy, and soul 🙂


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