Happy Summer!

I hope everyone is making the most of every second of sunshine as the beautiful season of summer commences.  One of my big takeaways from my yoga retreat was that I want to spend more time outdoors.  I’ve taken a (wobbly) step in that direction by beginning stand up paddle board yoga classes; even though I have never considered myself a water person there is something so peaceful about being on the lake in the early morning.


I also continue to make the most of the produce I am receiving from my CSA membership!  It’s causing me to be more innovative which is just what I had hoped for.  This past week, my box contained both mustard greens and plums.  For whatever reason I have never been a big fan of plums, and mustard greens are a stretch even for me.  They are spicy and bitter and I knew I couldn’t just throw them in a smoothie!  I honestly thought about just throwing the greens out, but couldn’t bear the waste, and wasn’t willing to give up and admit defeat.

I took to the Internet and quickly landed on a savory recipe for my plums – Pork with Gingered Plums.  Intrigued, it only took a few more clicks to find a recipe for Asian Inspired Mustard Greens which I thought would pair well with my entree.  Both recipes were easy, fast, and clean.  The final result was another *good* shock to my palate (like my radish and anchovy butter sandwich) and I loved the transformation!  It was seriously so good.


Pork with Gingered Plums

Asian Inspired Mustard Greens


I also continue to enjoy my summer “grazing plates” – I sliced up the cantaloupe I received and added salty prosciutto, continue my radish sandwich obsession, and always have veggies cut up now to eat with a good hummus!


Finally, we all need treats sometimes, and I have been drowning in apples, so I made crock pot baked apples and bought some coconut whipped cream/coconut ice cream to top them with!


Baked Apples

I feel so much healthier in that I am eating more fresh produce (obviously) but also that I am eating more variety.  I think we are all guilty of going to the store and picking up the same items over and over again.  I am enjoying losing some control (gasp) and trying new things.  I know it offers me a greater range of vitamins, minerals, and health benefits.  Whether you utilize a CSA, farmers market, or the grocery store, I challenge you to pick up something new today and let it inspire you!



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