Being Basic

I realize my posts have been a little exotic lately, and somehow doubt very many readers ran out to make anchovy butter, radish sandwiches, or Asian-inspired mustard greens.  And that’s okay 🙂

Remember how I suggested going to the store and picking out a new ingredient with which you have never cooked?  Well, sometimes that isn’t something so exotic.  Sometimes we are intimidated by very basic items.  For me this week, this has been corn on the cob and sugar snap peas.  Both were in my CSA box and honestly I have never prepared either.

I’m happy to report both turned out to be crazy easy and super delicious!


Sauteed Sugar Snap Peas

To prep the peas you just snap or cut off the end and then pull the string off like a seam.  It’s actually kinda soothing lol.  The saute takes all of 5 minutes, tops, and the peas turn a gorgeous green.  I seriously could have gobbled up the entire bowl.  I am vowing to never buy a bag of frozen peas again!

Oven roasted corn on the cob

My husband had always grilled our corn and it was relegated to his territory.  But it’s so easy to roast them in the oven!  They shuck easily afterwards too.  I just slathered them with butter and salt; why mess with a classic?  Again, SO not buying frozen corn moving forward!

Finally, I was happy to find a recipe for a cool, creamy, fresh salad that took care of several of my CSA items:  green onions, avocados, and cucumbers!  This is so easy, so good, and so perfect for summer.


Obsessively Good Avocado Cucumber Salad

I had this hot sauce on hand for the salad and the citrus-y/salty/sweet condiment was the perfect grace note!  Again, I could eat this whole thing in one sitting…and make it again tomorrow.


I hope you enjoy simple pleasures, today and always!


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