Food Connects Us to People and Places

Last week, my friend Kelsi visited for about 5 days.  Of course we went out for a few meals, but as her visit wound to a close, I suggested cooking at home for our last dinner.  We went shopping together and figured out our  menu and then cooked it up in my kitchen; me adding lemon zest to the asparagus and her adding flakes of sea salt, us both marveling at the finished result.  We had a variety of sausages, corn on the cob, asparagus, and sweet potatoes, with grilled peaches topped with coconut ice cream, granola, and honey for dessert.   It was a simple celebration of summer, of her visit, and of home.  Cooking with someone feels like family and makes a meal personal in a way that eating out never will.  The next time you’re making plans with a friend, consider creating and sharing a home-cooked meal in lieu of a restaurant visit.

This week, I got a salsa verde kit from my CSA and two days later a recipe in my inbox from Cookie + Kate for chilaquiles verdes!  Here in Colorado, if you go to any restaurant for breakfast, you’ll see huevos rancheros and the like on the menu; there’s a huge southwestern influence to the cuisine.  I want to eat it all but quickly/painfully learned that at restaurants most of the green chili has too much heat for me.  Well, of course, the beautiful thing about making your own is you can control everything!  (no wonder I like cooking so much, ha)

Salsa Verde aka “green chili”


Chilaquiles Verdes


Chilaquiles verdes is a traditional Mexican breakfast; I had never had it before but it was super easy to make and DELICIOUS!  I mean, it’s breakfast nachos, people!  I used store bought chips which I feel okay about 😉   This made me feel like I was participating in the local green chili love without burning out my palate.

Cooking really is a tremendous way to show you care – both for yourself and for others.  It can powerfully connect you to people and to a region.  Why not make food today in celebration of a place or a person you love?  ❤



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