Last of the Peaches

This past week was the last week of a big bag of peaches from my CSA (moving on to pears today!)  So I have two peach recipes for you today: one that truly celebrates summer, and one that I think is a nice bridge into the fall season.

My CSA participation is always cause for innovation, creativity, and inspiration, and this week that meant my stumbling upon the peach-cucumber salad.  I know this is one of those things that doesn’t sound like it should work but it totally does and is so refreshing!  If you’re in Missouri with September basically being a bonus month of summer then this may hit the spot!


You can find more involved recipes online, but for this I simply sliced 1 large cucumber and 3 peaches, tossed them in 2 tablespoons of lime juice and a drizzle of Yuzu hot sauce, and topped with a pinch of flaky Maldon sea salt.

However, if mornings are growing crisp and you want to embrace fall (and why wouldn’t you want to?), here’s a yummy chai spiced peach compote with which to top your breakfast treat of choice!

Chai Spiced Peach Compote

(I didn’t make the vanilla pancakes in the above recipe so can’t speak to them)


Enjoy the last of the summer bounty in whatever ways delight you!


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