Trick or Treat

I know holidays can be a difficult time to maintain a healthy eating regimen, and a few indulgences can be a rewarding and appropriate way to celebrate.  But perhaps, like me, you don’t want to go completely off the rails.

Here’s how I approached Halloween last night when my holiday plan was having dinner and watching a show with a few friends:

First, I ate breakfast and lunch as I normally would.  I don’t think skipping calories to binge later is particularly effective and I didn’t want to be starving when I arrived at my friends’ home (not a chic look).  Breakfast was a smoked salmon egg bake, salad, and a grain-free zucchini muffin; lunch was a wedge of (dairy and grain free) eggplant lasagna and some more salad.

For our celebratory dinner, I contributed a yummy and filling pasta with pumpkin marinara.  I used a corn and quinoa pasta and you couldn’t tell the difference – as you may remember on a past post, I have also used chickpea pasta to great effect.  The new alternative pastas are truly just as good as the “real thing”.  The marinara was creamy with a forward note of bell pepper (I used orange).

Pumpkin Marinara

I’m not crafty or creative but the hostess of my party is and I wanted to share a Pinterest-worthy and festive contribution accordingly.


Halloween Apple Bites

After enjoying our meal, I happily treated myself to one of my friend’s ghost rice krispie treats, and relished every bite.

Halloween has passed, but I encourage you to try the pumpkin pasta recipe linked above this fall, and to get creative with some nutritious offerings at your next holiday gathering.  Then treat yourself to whatever your absolute favorite thing is.  No tricks, no guilt, no food hangover.



2 thoughts on “Trick or Treat

  1. I have a new fitness journal that I got today. I am working on a new habit of pm yoga, no caffeine after dinner, and writing in my journal before bedtime. Wish me luck!


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